New Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu All Inclusive (4 days /3 nights). The destination of this great Inca Jungle Trail tour of adventure is Machu Picchu and is an all inclusive tour. The tour starts in Cusco and finishes in Cusco as well. Summary of the all inclusive Inca Jungle Trail and biking The Inca jungle Trail is a new route offered by IncaJungle.co, which involves biking, trekking, rafting, canopy and just being. Our multiple terrain trip, includes recently discovered real Inca paths, archaeological ruins, an 80km bike downhill on brand new Kona Stinky Six full suspension moutain bikes, through the mountains from Abra Malaga to the green valley below and the jungle base of Santa Maria. The four-day and three-night trip (Inca Jungle Trail and biking) ends with a dawn view of the valleys which are below Machu Picchu.
Mark Anthongy , Holland
" I am an experienced trekker in Cusco, having been more than five times to the Everest, Langtang ....than five times to the Everest, Langtang .... "...
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