Do not wear jewelry of any kind when out in the street. If you wear a watch, be sure it is hidden by your shirt sleeve. Shoulder bags, camera cases and knapsacks can be slit open from below or behind. Keep purses and packages on your lap when travelling, not on a seat nor the floor beside you. It is highly recommended that you carry some I.D. at all times. Do not leave Lima without your passport. Contact your consulate if your passport is lost ormissing.


Objects of archaeological, historical or artistic value may be taken out the country only if you carry the proper permition. Peru has international agreements with most countries for the confiscation and the return of the objects when taken abroad, so do not take any risks.


It is advised that you drink only bottled water. Most tap water in Peru is processed differently that abroad, and therefore could make you sick. Avoid eating from any of the vendors cooking in pushcarts along the street there have been incidents of typhoid and other diseases among some of their customers!


As far as drugs are concerned. Peruvian law is clear and concise as well as very strict, forbidding all possession of, use of and dealing in narcotics, including marijuana and cocaine. Violators are not deported, but are jailed and tried under Peruvian law. Foreign offenders are usually dealt with as international traffickers with sentences ranging from 15 years to life. The entire legal process from arrest to sentencing can take nine months to two years. There is no bail. Your consulate can provide moral support and little else!..
Mark Anthongy , Holland
" I am an experienced hiker in Peru, having been more than five times in Cusco I liked the treatment of the earl travel company are very good with the hospitality..... "...
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